July 30, 2016


HANNIBAL, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, BATES MOTEL, TEEN WOLF,  THE OMEN, SCREAM, WOLF CREEK and the list could go on of all the television spin offs from horror films, now comes THE EXORCIST. A classic horror film now a television series for FOX.  I am wondering how they are going to get away with all the horror, the God cussing, the gore, the vomit and the blasphemy like the original film.  Maybe this would've been better for HBO, SHOWTIME where they could get away with everything like ASH VS. EVIL DEAD for STARZ. I'll check it out.  But I tell you -Hollywood is running out of original ideas now they digging into old classic horror films and putting them for the small screen.  We need original horror ideas for the big and small screen.

- eyepus

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