February 23, 2012


DONT BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (1973) - Starring Kim Darby and John Hutton.

I remembered when I was 10 years old this little dark, spooky as hell made for tv film played constantly in different channels, sometimes at 4pm or at midnight.  I never got to see the film in its completion.  Being a horror fan all my life, maybe being a kid i was afraid of those evil dwarf like little shady creatures lurking in the dark.

After the release of its remake starring Katie Holmes and produced by the legendary Guillermo Del Toro i decided to rent the original and watch the whole 74 minutes of it.  I tell you the film left me in awe.

Sally snoops around the room in the basement, there is a covered hole in the wall.  Sally decides to unscrew the hole in the wall, opening this hole letting the wicked, shady creatures out. The creature lurk around at night and they are sensitive to light.  They whisper and giggle in a very devilish, demonic way calling her name:  "SALLY..."  The creatures drug her, and drag Miss Kim Darby down to their own little world chute.  From there we don't know her where abouts - for all you know they either tortured and rape her - the director leaves it to your imagination.

If you haven't check this little 74 minute TV horror film from the 70's check it out.  You can rent this from your local library...