June 16, 2019

The Final Wish - Review

The Final Wish, Directed by Timothy Woodard Jr. and Written by Jeffrey Reddick (Creator of Final Destination). 

A struggling lawyer Aaron (played by Michael Welch) comes to his hometown after receiving bad news that his father passed away. On returning home, he is not so well received by his mom (Lynn Shaye). She feels Aaron has shunned her and the dad. Aaron finds an artifact at home that belonged to his dad. The artifact grants you wishes that turn shady and deadly.

So here is the reading of this film:  Is awfully slow – At 1 hour and 35 minutes the film drags, and drags, practically going nowhere, waiting for the Djinn to do a peek-a-boo, in which he does a quick pop up after 55 minutes into the film. The Djinn looks like a man in a rubber costume suit, wearing a battery operated animatronic mask that looks like it was bought from Party City. The Final Wish should be re-edited for a faster pace version. The trailer is better than the film. If you are expecting action, thrilling horror, and jump scares, you got the wrong motion picture. The only thing that saved this film was watching Lin Shaye and Tony Todd doing their great performances. The rest of the acting is crappy and so rottenly cheesy. 

The best WTF Silly line from the film: “This is the 21stCentury, What do you mean curse?

The film is a SLOPPY MESS.