September 1, 2015


The legendary WES CRAVEN, the king of horror dead at 76.  This truly shock and devastated me.  Wes films were a great inspiration for me when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's.  Because of his films and his awesomeness of film directing I went to film school (School of Visual Arts) to study film directing.  He made awesome films - LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, THE HILLS HAVE EYES 1 and 2, DEADLY BLESSING, SWAMP THING, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIGHTMARE, DEADLY FRIEND, SHOCKER, SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW, PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, SCREAM 1-4, RED EYE, CURSED, VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN; The TV horror movies STRANGER IN THE HOUSE and INVITATION TO HELL and the unforgettable drama film MUSIC IN THE HEART which it was a great drama opus for Wes.  When I was attending School of Visual Arts, Wes came to promote his film "Vampire In Brooklyn", and he had a private screening for the film department students at SVA.  I remembered how down to earth and outgoing Wes was.  Some looney horror film buff got up from the audience chair and yelled at Wes Craven, practically attacking him on why is he making a dramatic film referring to MUSIC IN THE HEART and not making a horror film.  Wes in a gently, peaceful manner told him he wanted to direct something different but his passion will always be horror... This is the man who brought the scariest son of a bitch in horror film history Freddy Krueger and mind fuck us with his SCREAM series.  I truly going to miss this legend - truly sad and devastating.  Rest in peace Wes, with love - EYEPUS