November 30, 2014


We were hunting for a good orthodondist for my nephew in the Bronx, NY. And we found a great one and his name is Scott E. Weiss. A very cool, down to earth man, he makes the best braces for kids. He made the best for my nephew.  But not only is he a great orthodontist but a great major horror film fan.
The moment you walk inside his office he has horror film toys and film props all over the walls on shelves and glass cases.  His office looks like a small version of the FORREST J ACKERMAN museum. I spoke to him for a possible interview for my eyepus blog, but i know he is a busy man.  Scott told me to take pics of his place - so here I'm sharing pics of his office.  A while back when we entered his office he had original horror film posters worth $$$$ adorning the walls - HELLRAISER, FRIDAY THE 13TH, etc., now he doesn't have them anymore.  
One of the most unique thing about his office that every single patient's chair has a flat screen tv playing a horror or fantasy film for the kids/or teens to watch while Mr. Weiss fix their mouths. While you wait in the waiting area a horror or fantasy film plays on a large flat screen.  The visitors look completely dumbfounded and puzzle as why this orthodontist have horror toys all over the place.  This place is a must see if you are a true horror film fan. Stop by and check it out. And get your son or daughter new braces, not only he is a great horror, he is also affordable when it comes to braces... I wish i had this huge horror toy and prop collection.  Scott Weiss rules.

© 2013 – Antonio Vicenty (eyepus).  All photos here belong to my eye pov.

November 27, 2014


AWARD WINNING FILMMAKER DAVIDE MELINI who brought us two great horror short films "The Puzzle" and "The Sweet Hand of the Rose", a few years back, reviewed here at EYEPUS, bring us his latest in development, new film DEEP SHOCK.  Davide Melini is setting a crowd funding to get his new film funded.

SYNOPSIS: "Sarah can't completely overcome the deaths of her grandfather and her older sister.  The trauma and lack of sleep cause her to embark on a strange journey of apparitions and murders, apparently caused by her mind…"

TAGLINE 1: "Her worst nightmare has become a reality"

TAGLINE 2: "Italian Giallo is ready to make its return!"

"DEEP SHOCK" attempts to pay tribute to the italian film genre "giallo", as in 2014 its 50th anniversary will take place.  The title of this project is inspired by the most famous horror movies of two of the most important italian directors: DARIO ARGENTO'S DEEP RED and 

The film will be produced by Fabel Aguilera and Davide Melini.

Shooting will begin at the beginning of 2015 in Malaga and Province (Spain)





CAST: LAURA TOLEDO as Sarah Taylor, PACO ROMA as Father Jonathan McRoberts
ESTELA FERNANDEZ as Caroline Taylor, ERICA PRIOR as Helen Taylor,  Luis Fernandez De Eribe as John Taylor.

PRINCIPAL NAMES OF THE CREW: Eugenio D'Hamo (Executive Producer) Paula Khan (Production Manager) Enrique Muñoz (Line Producer) Francesco De Luca (DOP) Alberto Ortega (Production Designer) Martín Crespo (Editor) Rubén FX, Elisa Rengel (Special Effects) Giulio De Gaetano (Music Composer) Christian Valente (Sound Designer)


The most bizarre, amazing, out of this world, outrageous, graphic, sick, depraved, grisly, demented, gory, satanic, shady horror cartoon is playing on Adult Swim 11:30pm (Eastern Time) - on Sundays.  Each episode run about 13 minutes.  MR. PICKLES completed its first season with the season finale title "THE LAIR". WOW what an episode. The series is created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart.
The animated series is about The Goodman Family - a six year old boy named Tommy and his border collie dog named Mr. Pickles.  Mr. Pickles has a secret, he turns demonic if you fuck with him or his best friend Tommy.  Mr. Pickles would kill in gory, violently, grisly details any person that cross their way if they mess with any of the family members including Tommy…
Mr. Pickles is addicted to pickles.  Tommy always have a pickle treat for his dog. Tommy and Mr. Pickles are inseparable.  No one is aware of Mr. Pickles bad side only Tommy's Grandfather.  But no one believes the Grandfather, they think he is a nut job.  Mr. Pickles has a dog house outside the family yard.  The house is Mr. Pickles lair of all depravity, deformed creatures, deformed animals, satanic figures, blood, gore, guts, leather clad freaks, cut up body parts, of all people that did Mr. Pickles wrong.
If you are into the blood, graphic gore, absurd, kooky, crazy shit, this would be your show.  MR. PICKLES is genius, morbidly amazing.  So go check it out on Adult Swim on demand re-runs.