November 8, 2012

THE BAY - Review

A-List Film Director Barry Levinson goes the found footage horror route with his new film THE BAY.  The found footage, horror documentary style begins in a small town called Chesapeake Bay, July 4, 2009 told in present time 2012 by reporter Donna Thompson (Kether Donohue) as she witnesses the horrors.  Begins everybody having a good ole time celebrating fourth of July in the town, when the plague begins.  We witness images (surveillance videos, cell phone and handheld video footage) of people running amok with skin boils all over their bodies, people vomiting and spewing blood - the whole town goes into chaos.    

Lately, the whole horror found footage films on screen and dvd is getting monotonous.  Same storylines over and over - Found footage with demons, found footage with zombies, found footage radioactive deadly humans, found footage with serial killers, found footage with evil spirits, found footage with devil possessions,  found footage with bugs (THE BAY) – honestly the found footage genre (to me) is getting tired and blah.  I believe found footage horror film works best in short films.  After ten minutes of watching found footage films such as THE BAY and even V/H/S (which I haven’t review yet) you get so over it with the same  shaky camera pov routine, nothing new, same old shaky camera pov routine.

THE BAY could’ve been a tv movie of the week for Halloween.  The Bay is not scary, nor it tries to be gross - jus a total waste of movie theater space.  Just wait for this movie get to a Redbox vending machine or just wait to view it for free online somewhere.