February 3, 2011


Davide Melini short film THE PUZZLE is a mind boggling, puzzling short film.  A home alone mom is working on a puzzle, when she receives a phone call, she argues on the phone with her son.  Then, a cutaway shot of a frame picture of the mom and her son.  She continues to work on the puzzle.  As the film ascends, we follow the mom throughout the house - something shady and creepy is going to happen, leaving us with the puzzling question - Mother and son family drama and Why? 

The Puzzle is more of a thriller than a scarefest but nevertheless a good little opus.   David Melini THE PUZZLE has a very well talented cast, very well directed and well shot.  One Filmmaker to have our eyes on in the future... Can't wait for his next upcoming film THE SWEET HAND OF THE WHITE ROSE. 

Check out David Melini film below or go to his THE PUZZLE website at http://www.thepuzzle2008.blogspot.com/

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  1. That's definately one of the better YouTube horror shorts I've seen, but what's the deal with the music? It's so over the top it's distracting in most parts. BTW, I recommend you head over to YouTube and check out The Cat With Hands, excellent little short.